Changing policies and systems

We work hard to ensure that government, service providers and the community know about the issues that are important to caring families.

We work closely with Carers Australia and the Network of Carers Associations on issues of state and national significance for carers.

What we want

We want:

  • caring families to be more involved, as partners and experts, at the coal-face of service delivery
  • caring to occur without too great a cost to health and wellbeing
  • care services that encourage people with disabilities, their families and communities to flourish

To reach these objectives we actively analyse and research the issues that are important to carers and gather data to help us to promote their interests in the ACT.

What we do

Our policy team:

  • consults with family carers on key strategic issues
  • analyses and comments on ACT and Australian government policies across the many sectors that affect the lives of caring families
  • pursues opportunities to represent the unmet needs of caring families to governments, policy-makers, services providers and the broader community
  • lobbies for improvement in the recognition of and support for caring families through submissions and representations to ministers
  • promotes the development and delivery of flexible services and carer-inclusive practices that better meet the needs of caring families
  • participates in and promotes research about carers and the people they care for

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