Carer Advocacy Service

The carer advocacy service helps you and your family resolve difficult or complex matters when negotiating the service system.

What is Advocacy?

Carer Advocacy

Through this service, our advocacy staff can help you negotiate complex bureaucracy, link into financial or legal service support and access services such as the Human Rights Commission and Ombudsman.

We can also build your self-advocacy skills, enabling you to be more prepared to negotiate with service providers.

The service focuses on short-term and goal-specific issues and begins with an initial assessment to assess the level of support you require.

The service aims to:

  • explain carer rights and how to access any service complaint pathways
  • liaise with all parties to investigate issues
  • develop an individual action plan to manage expectations
  • promote the carer's ability to self-advocate
  • negotiate to achieve a resolution

Training and education

We provide information to help carers advocate for themselves depending on the situation – like dealing with community services, hospitals  and departments – or trying to get information, access services or make complaints – and feelings of being mistreated, ignored. Assistance and training is individually tailored to the carer on a 1:1 basis.

The main goal is to help carers to advocate for themselves wherever possible. The carer and advocate develop and work through a plan of action together. The skills learnt through the experience of working with an advocate enables carers to self-advocate in the future.We also provide access and referral outside of Carers ACT to ensure that carers get the assistance they need from specialised professionals - such as legal or financial advice.

Some tactics on how to self-advocate are:

  • be assertive, not aggressive
  • be clear about the facts
  • be well-informed about your cared-for-person’s needs and what resources and options are available
  • be patient but persistent
  • know your rights and responsibilities
  • be realistic and willing to compromise
  • stay focused on the best outcome
  • don’t be afraid to ask for help


This program is available to any carer living in the ACT. Call 1800 242 636 from anywhere in the ACT (free call from local phones, mobile calls at mobile rates).

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The Carer Advocacy Service is supported with the assistance of the ACT Government through the Community Services Directorate.