Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre

The Centre provides free and confidential information on more than 700 community services in the ACT and can arrange respite assistance for carers.

Commonwealth Respite & Carelink Centre phone 1800 052 222*

This Centre provides a single point of contact for the general public, service providers, general practitioners and other health professionals for information on community, aged and disability services and carer support.

The Centre can also help arrange respite when carers need to take a break from caring. They provide information needed by carers and help organise, purchase, or manage respite care assistance packages for carers. Examples of respite care assistance include in-home respite care; support workers to assist you when you are taking a break away from home; and residential respite care.

The service can provide Information and referrals (Carelink) to anyone in the ACT
Respite services: Carers need to be registered with the Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre

(*free call from local phones, mobile calls at mobile rates)

The Centre has local knowledge about:

  • the range of services available and how to contact them
  • who is eligible to receive the services
  • whether there are any costs associated with receiving the services, and
  • aged care assessment services for access to Community Aged Care Packages or entry into aged care homes

Contact the Centre for information on the following services:

  • household help, home modification and maintenance
  • personal, nursing and respite care
  • transport and meal services
  • disability services
  • day care and therapy centres
  • assessment, including Aged Care Assessment Teams
  • special services for dementia
  • continence assistance
  • support for carers
  • Community Aged Care Packages
  • aged care homes
  • a range of allied health care, and
  • support groups

Areas of support

Contact Carers ACT to find out more about this program and how else we can help you.

Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres are funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services and supported by the Australian Government.