Sometimes the demands of caring can make it difficult to focus on household jobs. If you’re too tired or busy to cook, or too stressed to eat properly, it can be easy to rely too much on pre-packaged or fast foods.

Food and eating are an important part of the way we live our lives. A good diet will improve your physical health and give you the strength and stamina you need to keep caring. A relaxed meal, in company and away from distractions, will also improve your social and emotional wellbeing.

Have meals in reserve

When you can, make more than you need and freeze what you don't eat so you can always have a quick meal for you and your family when you have one of those days that gets away from you. Keep the ingredients for a quick meal for you and your family.

Drink plenty of water

You become dehydrated when the water content of your body becomes too low. Dehydration can cause headaches, weakness and tiredness. It can also lead to mood changes and cause you to react more slowly to things.

You should try to drink six to eight 150 ml glasses of fluid every day, including water, tea, juice and milk.

Coffee and alcohol can contribute to dehydration, so you should not count these drinks as part of your recommended daily intake.

Everything in moderation

Eating should be a pleasure. Don't feel guilty if you sometimes enjoy a choccy biscuit (or two) with your cuppa, or fish and chips occasionally. Little treats can give you a lift. Just make sure the bulk of your diet is made up of good stuff.