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Burnout – Don’t do this alone! Online seminar 5 Sept

03 Sep 2022

Burnout is overwhelming and lonely. You suffer quietly, and even your loved ones may not know that every day is a struggle.
In this introductory session, Dr Amy Imms will guide you into this important topic. She will help you to better understand burnout, its signs and symptoms, and she will help you to recognise if you are burnt-out or getting close to it. You’ll consider the causes & risk factors and begin to discuss what to do about it.
Please note: this introductory 60-minute online session will be followed, at a later date, by a more in-depth face-to-face workshop, for those who would like to spend more time with Amy, addressing their burnout.
By attending and participating in this session, you consent to images and audio of yourself and those you are responsible for being used in this manner. Participants are asked to log on a few minutes before the session starts.
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