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Carer Strategy Framework Developed

22 Dec 2017

Carers have developed a framework for an ACT Carer Strategy.

Following an innovative and highly successful deliberative democracy process in conjunction with the ACT Government, carers on the Carers Voice Panel directly shaped the vision, outcomes and priorities for an ACT Carer Strategy, to create a framework for this strategy for the next ten years.

Watch the video of the Carers Voice Panel in action.

Read our article on page 4 of the ‘Liveable Canberra’ issue of the latest ACTCOSS journal.


A community that cares for carers and the people they care for.

Supporting carers is investing in Canberra’s future.





Information access

Ongoing carer engagement

Enhanced support services

All carers’ needs are treated equitably.



  1. Improving community awareness of the value and contribution of carers.
  2. Recognising carers’ skills and knowledge.
  3. Accepting people who are cared for as normal people in the community, regardless of any disability.
  4. Embedding within the ACT community a culture that every ACT citizen has some role and an ability to contribute to caring.
  5. Enabling carers to take better care of themselves through the provision of more support services, including physical and mental health.
  6. Wider supports.
  7. Increased awareness and skills within government agencies.