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Self-Care Tips and Resources for Carers

Look after your physical health:

Be Social:

Look after your mental health:

Consider your spiritual health:

Great Information & Articles:

The Complete Guide to Insomnia – and how you can manage it:


Your Survival Guide to Staying at Home:


The Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 We Aren’t Talking About

Excellent analysis from Shine magazine: https://advice.shinetext.com/articles/the-mental-health-impact-of-covid-19-we-arent-talking-about/

I Spent a Year in Space, and I Have Tips on Isolation to Share
Take it from someone who couldn’t: Go outside.

Scott Kelly, a retired NASA astronaut, wrote this opinion piece for the New York Times. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/21/opinion/scott-kelly-coronavirus-isolation.html

Australian Government & Community Services Resources


 Mental health  

 Parenting and Children  

 Resources for Young People  

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