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Odette cares for her ageing mother, but the impact on her family and work life led her to become resentful and frustrated so she sought out counselling to put her life back.

Portrait of an adult woman with her elderly mother.Odette’s opening words at her first counselling session were “At 58 I feel my life is over and I don’t know how to carry on!” Her mother’s increasing frailty and physical health needs were demanding more of her time both at home and at work and robbing her of sleep.

Resentful of having to give up her job, together with a lack of sibling support and frustration with her mother’s hearing difficulties, Odette became increasingly cranky, anxious and depressed, but could not bear the option of an aged care facility.

Through counselling, we made a referral to My Aged Care for an ACAT assessment to get a Home Care Package. In the meantime, we provided interim in-home care and respite support. We also connected her to an education program on hearing aids.

“I now have room to dream again! I’ve set myself a personal goal to go back to study and start a new career as a Community Support Worker in the disability and aged care field. The experience and skills I gain will help me to care for Mum.”

I finally feel like I’m in control again


Odette couldn’t believe that with only a few counselling sessions she managed to turn her life around. She has gained a greater understanding of her mother’s and her own needs which strengthened her self-confidence and resilience.