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Sally is an Aboriginal woman and a single parent caring for her young son who has severe autism. When things became overwhelming at home she sought help to put her life back on track.

an Indigenous man sitting at a table doing a dot paintingLike most carers, Sally had her good days and her bad days. Unfortunately, at one stage one bad day followed another and Sally became overwhelmed with her situation. She felt very isolated, lonely and stressed and began experiencing severe depression.

Luckily, she had the strength to call Carers ACT. We put her in touch with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Coordinator who immediately arranged for a range of supports for Sally and wrote a support letter to ACT Housing requesting a more suitable home to meet her son’s needs.

To minimise Sally’s loneliness and isolation, our Coordinator suggested she come along to our fortnightly Nguluway Cultural Art Group. Sally initially refused, saying she didn’t socialise very well and couldn’t paint. But after more persuading by our Coordinator, Sally came along to meet the group.

I’ve now come to every class, made lots of new friends and love the painting!

One of the men in the group, David, is really good with dot painting and gave us a few tips. I even got so inspired by the dot painting shirt he often wears to the class that I’m trying it at home now with my son.

“The help Carers ACT has given me has made me feel so much better and more positive about the future. I’m really grateful to the Coordinator for all her support – and for pushing me to come to this group. Things are looking up again!”